Sharing the Visual Heritage. Metadata, reuse and interdisciplinary research

2019 – 2022: The purpose of this project is to support the production of elaborated metadata for our visual heritage and to strengthen open and interdisciplinary research infrastructures within academia and between academia and the cultural heritage sector. The aim is first to investigate and develop methods for obtaining qualified and extensive metadata for images in digitalized cultural heritage collections. Second the project sets out to outline participatory methodologies for open and linked metadata practices in an interdisciplinary research community.

The Politics of Metadata

2019 – 2022: Considerable scholarly attention has been given separately to analogue image archives on the one hand, cultural heritage institutions on the other, and thirdly on the digital turn and crowdsourcing in a variety of disciplines. This project seeks to address these three strands, by combining the hermeneutic and critical perspectives of the humanities, with system analysis and design development from computer science. The aim is to critically examine the policies and practices of tagging images in cultural heritage institutions’ image collections online through a cross-disciplinary approach. The resulting models and prototypes should inform the development of participatory digitization practices.