Anna Dahlgren, professor of Art History at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University. She has published on different aspects of photography and vernacular visual culture including the digital turn, print culture and archives and museum practices. Recent publications include Representational Machines. Photography and the Production of Space (Aarhus University Press, 2013, co-edited), Ett medium för visuell bildning (Makadam, 2013), Travelling Images (Manchester University Press, fortcoming 2018) and contributions in Photography & Culture, Culture Unbound, and Journal of Art History. She has organized numerous conferences and workshop (f.e. Digitalisering och fotografier i arkiv 2008, Photography Next 2009). She is in the board of Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS), Mediehistoriskt arkiv and the Research Board at the National Library of Sweden.

Karin Hansson, Docent in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University, researcher at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Currently she is looking at how social validation processes and relations can be made transparent in different types of data feeds and thus contribute to a better understanding of participatory decision processes. She has previously organised workshops on different aspects of crowdsourcing at venues such as ACM GROUP2014 (Florida, USA), ECSCW 2015 (Baltimore, USA), ACM CSCW 2016 (San Francisco, USA), ACM CHI 2016, (San Jose, CA, USA). She is an editor of The International Journal of Public Information Systems (ISSN 1653-4360), guest editor for Design Issues (ISSN 0747-9360), Special issue: Organizing provocation, conflict and appropriation. (forthcoming 2017), and The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices (ISSN 0925-9724) Special issue: Crowd Dynamics: Conflicts, Contradictions, and Cooperation Issues in Crowdsourcing (forthcoming 2018).